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Cold Brews

Soul Cold Brews

Experience the refreshing twist of our cold brews, flavoured ice coffee designed to elevate your coffee experience. Available in a range of flavours, each cold brew offers a smooth and creamy taste, perfect for those who value convenience without sacrificing quality. Inspired by the surf culture and the vibrant south of Sri Lanka, our drinks are crafted to be the ideal post-surf refreshment, blending the essence of coastal living with the rich flavors of

Soul Coffee.


Hazelnut Cold Brew

Indulge in the nutty and rich flavour of our Hazelnut Cold Brew. This smooth, iced coffee offers a delightful twist on traditional cold brew, perfect for hazelnut and iced coffee lovers.

Chocolate Cold Brew

Satisfy your chocolate cravings with our Chocolate Cold Brew. This delicious blend of coffee and chocolate offers a sweet and indulgent treat.


Latte Cold Brew

Experience the classic taste of our Latte Cold Brew. This creamy and refreshing beverage combines the bold flavour of coffee with the smoothness of milk for a perfect pick-me-up.

French Vanilla Cold Brew

Enjoy the sophisticated taste of our French Vanilla Cold Brew. This elegant and aromatic drink blends the creamy ice-cream like smoothness with the rich flavour of vanilla and coffee.


Caramel Cold Brew

Revel in the sweet and buttery taste of our Caramel Cold Brew. This smooth, creamy iced coffee is infused with the rich flavour of caramel for a truly satisfying experience.

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